Emily Regan Byrne is a designer living and working in California. 

Creative logical thinker who believes companies and their products are a form of art.





After sitting through sixteen years of school, I was ready to throw away the theoretical analysis and lofty philosophies of academia and lose myself in manual labor.  As my peers went off to work at impressive finance, publishing and marketing firms in New York City, I road tripped out to Napa Valley to work 80 hours a week, at night, in a wine cellar, for minimum wage. Though my family thought I had gone a little off the wall, I was working under the stars and drinking beer to the Napa Valley sunrise. I have never worked harder or felt more alive.


Three years later, I have found a way to unite my background of creative study with the importance of first-hand immersion through an emphasis on product and brand experience. As a creative director and luxury product developer, I have a passion for merging beautiful design with practical use. Infatuated with travel and terminally curious, I am always planning my next trip. I currently reside in San Francisco but my heart can be found at the beach in Montauk NY.